Be ready for OWLS

OWLS will use email and SMS to keep wildlife licence holders informed, so it’s important to update your contact details.

Call our Customer Service Centre on 136 186 before 31 April 2017 to ensure we have your correct contact details.

Existing wildlife licence holders will be provided with further information on how to register on OWLS prior to the renewal of their licence later this year.

The benefits of OWLS

Take control of your details

OWLS will allow customers to take control of their own personal details wherever and whenever it suits them.  For example customers will be able to:

  • update contact details including address, postal details, telephone and email
  • amend their employee register
  • get permission to use wildlife in a commercial film
  • report escaped or stolen wildlife
  • track the progress of your application
  • make online enquiries about their wildlife licence.

Customers will also be able to download or print copies of their licence at any time.

Electronic Record Books

OWLS allows customers to keep an electronic Record Book.  Customers will be able to update their Record Book online, including from a smartphone or tablet.

OWLS will also help customers keep their electronic Record Book secure, but accessible.

OWLS customers with an Electronic Record Book will be able to complete their annual Return with the click of a button.

SMS and email reminders

OWLS will send out automatic reminders via email and SMS to customers for key events such as annual Returns and licence expiry.

Introducing ‘Safe Trader’

OWLS is making it easier for licence holders to comply with licence conditions when buying and selling wildlife.

Customers trading wildlife will be able to use OWLS to confirm:

  • if the other party holds a valid Victorian wildlife licence
  • if they can hold a particular species under their current licence.

Apart from the licence number, no other personal details are required or will be disclosed.

Easy access to information

OWLS will provide user guides and fact sheets to help customers use the new system and comply with licence requirements.

Affected licences

Wildlife Basic Licence
Wildlife Advanced Licence
Wildlife Specimen Licence
Dingo Licence
Wildlife Controller Licence
Wildlife Dealer Licence
Wildlife Demonstrator Licence
Wildlife Displayer Licence
Wildlife Processor Licence
Wildlife Farmer Licence
Wildlife Taxidermist Licence
Import Export Permit
Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW)
Wildlife Shelter and Foster Carer Authorisations
Wildlife Research Permit
Marine Mammal Tour Permits