Wildlife interest groups have a long history of holding public events across Victoria for the display and trade of wildlife.  These events enable licence holders to meet people with similar interests to share knowledge, expand breeding opportunities and promote the lawful keeping of wildlife to a wider audience.

Under the Wildlife Regulations 2013, the Secretary of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning  can approve wildlife events at which the holders of certain wildlife licences may display, buy, sell, acquire, receive, keep, or possess wildlife in accordance with their licence, subject to the event conditions imposed.

The changes to the Wildlife Regulations also allow  licence holders attending approved wildlife events to remove their record books from the premises specified on their licence in order to assist with the record-keeping requirements of the licence.

Approved wildlife events for 2019

No events have yet been approved for 2019.

Applying to host a wildlife event

An application to conduct a wildlife event must be lodged via email to wildlifelicensing@delwp.vic.gov.au on behalf of a:

  • body corporate, or
  • registered business or organisation with an ABN.

Please use the application form below to apply to host a wildlife event.

Application to conduct a wildlife event (DOCX, 84.6 KB)

Application to conduct a wildlife event (PDF, 39.1 KB)

Event organisers must complete the attached application form which includes relevant information about the organisers and the event.  Organisers must also supply:

  • licence types allowed to attend and any proposed conditions or restrictions for the event (for example no venomous snakes);
  • protocols for public safety and the welfare and security of wildlife; and
  • proof of public liability insurance in the name of the event organiser for not less than $10 million

Further details are specified on the application form.

If approved, organisers will be notified and a  Notice of Wildlife Event will be published in the Victorian Government Gazette and on this web page.


FAQ - Wildlife Events

Why have the Wildlife Regulations been amended?

The amendments to the Wildlife Regulations 2013 were made to enable holders of a wildlife licence to attend approved events with their wildlife and their record books.

Prior to these amendments, holders of a private wildlife licence and some categories of commercial wildlife licence were unable to display their wildlife at public events and required specific approval to keep and trade their wildlife at places not specified in their licence.   Further, the regulations previously prohibited the movement of record books from the specified premises making it difficult to record any wildlife transaction undertaken at these events.

When were these changes made?

The Wildlife Regulations 2013 were amended in October 2018.

How have the conditions of my licence changed?

A letter has been posted to all licence holders explaining the changes to their wildlife licence.  If you did not receive this letter please contact DELWP.

In summary, the changes to the licence conditions in the Wildlife Regulations 2013:

  • authorise the keeping, display and trading of wildlife by the holders of Wildlife Basic, Wildlife Advanced, Wildlife Specimen, Wildlife Dealer, Wildlife Demonstrator, Wildlife Displayer, and Wildlife Taxidermist Licences at wildlife events that are approved by the Secretary; and
  • allow for the record books to be moved from the premises specified in the wildlife licence to undertake transactions at these wildlife events.

What is a wildlife event?

A wildlife event is a public event such as a reptile expo, bird show or wildlife taxidermy exhibition approved by DELWP at which holders of Wildlife Basic, Wildlife Advanced, Wildlife Specimen, Wildlife Dealer, Wildlife Demonstrator, Wildlife Displayer, and Wildlife Taxidermist Licences can keep, display and trade their wildlife and bring their record book for recording transactions.

Approved events are only those which are published in the Victorian Government Gazette and published this website.

The notice for approved events will include the name of the event, the organiser, date, venue and which category of wildlife licence holders may participate.  The notice will also include any conditions that event participants must comply with, in addition to existing legal requirements

Do I need to apply to attend a wildlife event with my wildlife?

If the event has been approved by DELWP you do not need to apply  to attend with either your wildlife or your record book.

However, you may need to register with the event organiser and will need to abide by any of the conditions specified in the event approval for an individual event.

Can I take my wildlife off the specified premises for other reasons?

The Wildlife Regulations 2013 already include exemptions allowing licence holders to take wildlife to a vet for treatment and other specific reasons.

Unless specifically allowed for under these exemptions or unless the wildlife is attending an approved wildlife event, the keeping of wildlife at an address other than that specified on your licence would require prior written approval from DELWP under regulation 62(1)(a) of the Wildlife Regulations.

How do I know if an event has been approved by DELWP?

Any event that has been approved by DELWP will be published in the Victorian Government Gazette and on this website.

I am from interstate. Can I attend a wildlife event in Victoria with my wildlife?

Wildlife events apply only to the holders of an appropriate Victorian wildlife licence.  

Please be aware that different States and Territories have different wildlife laws and that a licence or permit issued by another State and Territory is not valid in Victoria.

If you propose to bring wildlife into Victoria to attend a wildlife event, please allow 2 to 3 weeks lead-time in order to obtain a Victorian:

  • wildlife licence and/or
  • an import permit.In Victoria:
  • a wildlife licence is not required for species listed in Part A & Part B of  Schedule 4 of the Wildlife Regulations 2013.

An import permit is not required for species listed in Part A of Schedule 4 of the Wildlife Regulations 2013.

Can I purchase or sell wildlife at a wildlife event?

The buy or sell animals at a wildlife event will depend on:

  • the conditions for the wildlife event;
  • any rules set by the event organiser;
  • the licensing requirements (i.e. you have an appropriate wildlife licence) ; and
  • whether an export permit is required (if you live interstate).

Page last updated: 06/12/2018