As part of the Victorian Government's 2018 Drought Support Package, a Drought Relief Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW) is now available for landholders in drought affected areas. This is a variation to the standard ATCW that has been specifically designed to assist landholders in drought affected areas, by providing them with a simpler and faster means of accessing permits for the control of wildlife.

Currently, East Gippsland and Wellington are the only Local Government Areas (LGAs) considered to be drought affected. Therefore, only landholders in these LGAs are eligible to apply for a Drought Relief ATCW. If conditions in other LGAs deteriorate into drought, landholders located in these areas will also become eligible to apply for the Drought Relief ATCW.

Drought affected LGAs in Victoria

Map of Victoria displaying drought affected LGAs

Key features

Due to its specific purpose, the Drought Relief ATCW has the following key features:

  • a shorter application processing time of 10 business days, so that it can be issued faster if approved
  • a duration of one-month (this cannot be extended)
  • a limit of one per property
  • it is only available to landholders located in drought affected LGAs
  • applicants are exempt from demonstrating that they have previously considered or attempted non-lethal control methods.

The Drought Relief ATCW is intended to provide relief from short-term damage caused by wildlife. For situations where longer term wildlife control is appropriate, landholders can apply for a standard ATCW.


If you would like more information on the Drought Relief ATCW please refer to the factsheet for landholders. You can also contact the ATCW Co-ordinator at your local DELWP office for more information.

Drought Relief ATCW landholder factsheet (PDF, 222.5 KB)
Drought Relief ATCW landholder factsheet (DOCX, 116.7 KB)

Application form

If you wish to apply for a Drought Relief ATCW please complete the ATCW application form. Please read the guidance section of the application form before filling it in, to ensure that you understand the purpose and requirements of a Drought Relief ATCW, and that you complete and submit it correctly.

Application for an Authority to Control Wildlife (PDF, 232.2 KB)
Application for an Authority to Control Willdife (DOCX, 160.4 KB)

Page last updated: 26/03/19