The seal at the Battery Lane ramp has become increasingly aggressive in the last few weeks.

DELWP and Moyne Shire installed signage warning visitors of the seal and urging the public to keep their distance.

Advice is being sought from various agencies on suitable options, including potential translocation of the seal to another location.

Our officers will continue to monitor the situation.

Seals can be unpredictable and, despite their cumbersome appearance, can move quickly over short distances.

We are reminding people to keep their distance from seals. This is not only for your safety, but also for the seal’s wellbeing.

By law, people must stay 30 metres away from seals on beaches and five metres from seals on man-made structures like boat ramps or piers. Dogs must be kept at least 50 metres away from seals.

Fishers are advised to dispose of fish scraps in bins or clean their catch away from the boat ramp. Please don’t discard fish scraps in the water or attempt to feed scraps to seals, as this only encourages their aggression to seek food from people.

Under the Wildlife (Marine Mammals) Regulations 2009, the offence of feeding a seal carries a $242 on the spot fine, and a maximum fine of up to $3,223.80.

Page last updated: 02/04/19