VBA Go is a new mobile tool that allows Victorians to upload and record data on native plant and animal sightings.

Launched recently, this site is helping us better understand where plants and animals are now and how this could change over time.

It encourages members of the community to use their phone to take a photo of a species and add it as a new observation which will include the time, date and location.

All information feeds into the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas and will be used to inform the decision-making process when it comes to preventing the decline of our precious natural environment which is under threat.

With this information collated in the one place, we can all make informed decisions about how to manage our environment, making it a key input informing where and when to undertake planned burning to keep communities safe and where we should protect and invest to ensure the survival of threatened species.

To learn more about Victoria’s biodiversity and the Victorian Government’s new plan Protecting Victoria’s Environment – Biodiversity 2037  https://www.environment.vic.gov.au/biodiversity/biodiversity-2037-implementation-framework

Page last updated: 20/12/18