Leadbeater’s Possum survey kit loan - frequently asked questions

Has my loan application been accepted?

Acceptance of your loan application will be provided in writing and the department will contact you to arrange a collection time. Proof of identity and residential address in the form of a government issued ID (ie: drivers license) must be provided when collecting the equipment. All applicants must sign the loan agreement and agree to the conditions outlined in the document 'Terms and Conditions for the loan of Leadbeater's Possum survey kits'.

How should I prepare for the collection meeting?

Allow approximately two hours for the meeting. Each kit consists of three large, heavy backpacks containing several pieces of equipment. It is advisable that you have access to a vehicle and at least two people attend the collection meeting to assist with carrying the equipment. Parking may be available at the Heidelberg, Melbourne location if requested prior to the pre-arranged collection time.

How long is the loan period?

The initial loan term is one month, however requests to extend may be considered if no one is on the equipment waiting list. A further loan request can be submitted at a later date if required.

Is attending the training session mandatory?

No, but it is strongly encouraged that one person in the group has attended as the training session as valuable information on use of the kits is provided.

What happens if I lose or damage the equipment

Using the equipment to undertake nocturnal Leadbeater's Possum surveys in a forested environment involves some risk of loss or damage. It is not the intention of DELWP to recover costs for any repair or replacement of equipment in circumstances where a genuine accident or oversight has occurred. A police report will be required if an item has been stolen, and a statutory declaration must be submitted if an item has been lost. We ask those borrowing the kits to secure the equipment appropriately and to take extra care in the field so the kits remain in good working order and available to others.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Email your enquiry and contact telephone number to LBP@delwp.vic.gov.au

Page last updated: 10/06/21