Successful Recipients

In October 2018, a total of $169,376 in funding was announced. The funding is to be shared by 101 of Victoria’s wildlife volunteers through the 2018/19 Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants.

A list of successful applicants can be found here.

The Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants recognise the important work undertaken by Victoria's wildlife volunteers and will help with the costs associated with caring for Victoria’s diverse wildlife.

The 2018/19 grant round was the 10th anniversary of support for Victoria's wildlife volunteers.

Since 2008, the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants program has provided over $1.5 million to the state wildlife carers.

We anticipate that the next funding round for the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants will be in 2019/20. 

Help for Injured Wildlife

The new online tool, Help for Injured Wildlife, has also been released, making it easier to find help for injured wildlife anywhere in Victoria. 

The new online tool will give you information about wildlife rehabilitators, rescue organisations and veterinarians in your local area who can care for the type of animal in need of help, such as a kangaroo or koala.

For more information on the Help for Injured Wildlife tool visit

About the Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants

The Wildlife Rehabilitator Grants Program provides funding to support wildlife rehabilitators including shelter operators and foster carers, to purchase a range of equipment and infrastructure to assist with the operation of their facilities and to attend appropriate training.

The program aims to help wildlife rehabilitators by:

  • increasing their knowledge/skills in the care of wildlife
  • improving their facilities to treat, house and rehabilitate wildlife for release
  • improving the standard of wildlife care provided for specialist species (e.g. raptors) or threatened species (e.g. brush tailed phascogales).

Koala Release

Who was eligible to apply?

Wildlife rehabilitators in Victoria who:

  • hold a current permit as a shelter operator or foster carer for at least two (2) years
  • have no convictions for fraud or convictions under the Wildlife Act 1975 or the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 within the past ten years
  • have submitted all Completion Statements for previous funding under this program and have no outstanding compliance requirements
  • have the consent of the property owner.

Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions