Objectives of the Corella Management Grants Program

The Victorian Government is funding these grants to address agricultural, infrastructural, environmental, and social impacts of corella on community and to achieve the following specific outcomes:

  • Aid mitigation in managing corella impacts on community.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of management options, with a focus on utilising non-lethal control techniques and trialling or researching new methods.
  • Better evaluation of the financial impacts of corella damage and associated management costs.
  • Review of the social, economic and environmental implications of management practices.

The Corella Management Grants Program guidelines align with the Victorian Corella Strategy 2022-2032.

The strategy promotes a living with wildlife approach to encourage positive attitudes to corellas, as part of a broader strategy for management of human/wildlife conflict in Victoria.

It aims to achieve long-term outcomes for wildlife and for the community through:

  • Protection of animal welfare
  • Healthy and sustainable wildlife populations and habitat
  • Reduced impact of wildlife on environmental, social, cultural and economic assets and values
  • Community valuing wildlife and contributing to wildlife management.

Who can apply?

The following organisations and individuals can apply for funding:

  • individuals experiencing management issues on their land
  • Committees of management
  • local government authorities
  • private sector businesses and agencies
  • agricultural industry
  • Traditional Owner organisations
  • other land managers, for example schools, sporting organisations, recreation reserves
  • research institutes
  • not for profit organisations.

In addition, to be eligible for funding, applicants must be the designated land manager of the project site or have permission of the project site's land manager to undertake the project.

How do I apply

Applications must be submitted through the Grants Online portal. We recommend using either Chrome or Firefox browsers. For detailed instructions, see the guidelines.

Applications are now open and close on Monday 3 June at 1:00pm.

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Where can I get more information?

Please follow the below links for more information on corellas in Victoria and their management