Kurtonitj Koala Management Program - November 2017

DELWP and Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners are delivering a two-week program to manage the koala population at Kurtonitj, an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), 14 kilometres east of Heywood.

Vets are conducting health checks on koalas, and carrying out fertility control on female koalas to reduce breeding rates.

DELWP Wildlife Officers and Winda-Mara rangers are also translocating koalas to Mount Napier State Park.

The program is being undertaken to help, in the short-term, declining Manna Gum trees to recover from significant over-browsing by koalas.

Fact sheet - Koalas at Kurtonitj (PDF, 399.4 KB)

Fact sheet - Koalas at Kurtonitj (DOCX, 693.7 KB)

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