Testing the Response Plan - Exercise Deep Impact

On Tuesday the 22nd of December 2020, Shepherd Consulting Services Pty Ltd conducted a ‘Deep Impact’ exercise on behalf of DEECA to test the application of the revised the Victorian Response Plan for Wildlife Impacted by Fire. The aim of the exercise was ‘to explore and validate the strategic structure, governance, roles and functions of all agencies and organisations incorporated within the Plan.

The four key objectives of the exercise were:

  1. To explore and validate the initial notifications, activations and initial planning and strategic decision-making actions as detailed in the Plan for a fire and wildlife emergency
  2. To discuss and validate the initial deployment and response activities in response to a fire and wildlife emergency with particular focus on role and responsibilities as detailed in the Plan
  3. To discuss the connectivity/communications between agencies and organisations at the strategic level during the response phase, and
  4. To explore and discuss the management of donations in response to a fire and wildlife emergency.

The exercise provided an opportunity for participants to work through the Plan through a scenario of developing complexity. All topics were discussed and explored with a high degree of participation and inclusion. The exercise was successful in providing an opportunity for participants to test and contribute to the Response Plan and provide their insights and inputs.

Notable outcomes, lessons and insights from the exercise were provided to DELWP by the Shepherd Consulting Services. DEECA has reviewed these and identified a number of further actions to further implement the Plan.

Exercise Deep Impact Actions (PDF)
Exercise Deep Impact Actions (DOC)

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