Help for Injured Wildlife

This tool will help you locate and contact the closest relevant wildlife carers and rescue and rehabilitation organisations to help the injured animal.

Please note this is for native wildlife in Victoria only. For introduced or domestic animals (e.g. deer, rabbits, foxes, pigs, goats, horses, cats, dogs, cows, sheep, chickens, llamas etc.) please contact your local council or vet.

Is the animal alive?

Please tell us about the injured bat (flying fox or microbat) so we can find the most appropriate help.

Caution! Do not touch the animal as it can carry dangerous diseases which can be transferred to humans and should only be handled by a trained and vaccinated rescuer.

Treat the situation carefully - if the animal is on the ground, check it is dead by gently turning it over with a stick or shovel. If dead, using a shovel and gloves, place the animal in a double plastic bag and dispose of the carcass in accordance with local government by-laws.

For suspicious circumstances or mass deaths, call the DELWP Customer Contact Centre on 136 186 (Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm).

Please note that it is illegal to take or keep wildlife from the wild as pets and you cannot take the animal home with you.