Bushfire response

Wildlife Welfare

Wildlife Triage Units are in operation in Mallacoota and Bairnsdale . Additional triage units are being prepared for deployment as advised by incident response teams on the ground.  

If you see wildlife that appears to be injured or distressed as a result of the fire, please contact your local DELWP office or the DELWP Customer Service Centre on 136 186.  For other injured wildlife reports, please call Wildlife Victoria on 03 8400 7300.

Grants for wildlife rehabilitators and shelters

Licenced wildlife shelters and foster carers who are receiving animals as a result of current bushfires are eligible to apply for a Victorian Government grant of up to $1000.

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Feeding Wildlife

DELWP has developed a fact sheet to assist members of the community to understand the risks associated with providing supplementary feed for wildlife, so they can make an informed decision about providing supplementary food in bushfire-affected areas. Prior to providing food for wildlife in bushfire-affected areas, it is important that you consider the risks outlined in the fact sheet and if you do choose to provide food for wildlife, take all necessary steps to minimise those risks.

Guidance for providing supplementary feed for wildlife (PDF, 132.9 KB)

Victoria's bushfire emergency: Biodiversity response and recovery preliminary report

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has developed a report on the projected impact from the Victorian fires on over 4400 species. The report has been developed using a range of methods and in close consultation with species experts and key agencies.

The report describes the impact on species and vegetation communities. It includes immediate and long term actions to lead the recovery of fire-affected species and their habitats.

Victoria’s bushfire emergency: Biodiversity response and recovery preliminary report

How you can help

We have been advised from some animal welfare organisations that sewn and knitted goods including mittens and pouches for wildlife are no longer required. Although these efforts have been appreciated, please check with your local wildlife shelters and carers regarding any further need. You can support fire-affected wildlife by donating to the Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. 100% of funds raised will be used to support bushfire affected wildlife and their habitats.

Wildlife compliance and enforcement

Understand the role of Authorised Wildlife Officers and how to report wildlife and environmental crime.

Wildlife research, tourism and cinema

Apply for a permit to research, film or conduct tours involving native wildlife.